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This is a great article on the current state of chiropractric research.  

Below are some of my favorite science journal articles showing the effectiveness of chiropractic:

1. A study from Europe showing that chiropractic is better at treating chronic low back pain than physical therapy or exercise. These scientists recommend chiropractic as the best conservative treatment for low back pain.

2.  A study from Spine journal.  Spine journal is a very prestigious medical journal reviewed by medical doctors. This study shows that chiropractic care is great at treating low back pain and neck pain for acute and chronic conditions. Compares chiropractic care to placebo, physical therapy and exercises.  In all cases finds chiropractic care to be superior.

3.  Another study from Spine Journal.  A double blind study showing that chiropractic is more effective than drugs when treating acute low back pain.  

4.  Standard medicine plus chiropractic works much better at decreaseing pain and increasing physical function than medicine alone.

5.  This study shows that chiropractic is superior to physical therapy or exercises when treating both short term and long term cases of chronic low back pain.

6.  Chiropractic care is effective at treating sciatica, even when other treatment methods were tried first.  

7.  Consumer Reports lists chiropractic as the favorite method for treating low back pain among consumers. Chiropractic patients reported better overall satisfaction than acupuncture, physical therapy, or medical doctor patients.

8.  Chiropractic, combined with massage, is great at treating migraine headaches!

9.  Chiropractic is better at treating chronic neck pain than massage alone!

10.  Medical doctors recommend chiropractic for the treatment of chronic neck pain.

11.  A study demonstrating the effectiveness of chiropractic in treating scolioses.  

12.  From spine.  Doesn't investigate chiropractic directly.  Does show that pain, or tingling down the arms, can be due to inflammation between spinal joints (between the bones).  Chiropractic is know to treat this.

13.  Sensitivity to pain decreases after chiropractic treatment.

14.  Poor posture leads to future disability.  Chiropractic, of course, is great at improving your posture.