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Mon, Wed, Sat: 8:30-12
Tues, Thurs, Fri:
8:30-12; 3-6:30

Deep Tissue Massage:

Mon: 10-1 
Tues: 3-7 
Wed: 10-1 
Thurs: 3-7 
Fri: 12-5 
Sat: 9-2 

*Cancellation policy: please give our massage therapists 24 hour notice for any cancellation.


Clinic Hours:

Chiropractic Therapy

Tues, Thurs: 8:30-11:30; 3-7
Sat: 9-2
M, W, Fri: By appointment 


Tues, Thurs: 3-8 (Sandy)
Wed: 10-2 (Sandy)
Fri: 5-8 (Sandy) 
Sat: 9-2 (Ashley) 
M, W, Fri: By appointment 

Physiotherapy Exercises

The doctor will create personalized physiotherapy exercises for you.  These include stretching and strengthening exercises.  

Types of exercises include....

1.  Mckenzie Exercises (above picture):  Designed by physiotherapists to help heal an intervertrebral disc hernia. These exercises help to take disc pressure off of the spinal cord allowing chiropractic to better heal the disc.

2.  Postural Exercises:  Most of us spend too much time on the computer, driving, sitting, doing dishes or slouching. This results in poor posture and leads to degenerative changes to our spine as we age.  Scar tissue in the joints (between the bones) and muscles prevent us from correcting our own postures.  Chiropractic removes this scar tissue.  Postural exercises strengthen your back muscles and stretch your front muscles.   Combining chiropractic with postural exercises will bring your spine back into alignment keeping you healthy and feeling young!

3.  General Stretches:  Our chiropractic patients will also be taught personalized stretches for the upper and lower body.  These are great for relaxing the muscles or as your after exercise stretches.  

4.  Specific Rehabilitation Stretches:  Those patients suffering from sciatica, a disc hernia or runner's knee will be taught stretches to rehabilitate these conditions.