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Scar tissue is the result of over-use or under-use of your body.  It finds its way into joints (the area between bones) and into muscles.  Scar tissue can form after an accident, as the body attempts to heal you, or from chronic poor posture or even repetitive movements.  Scar tissue is harder than healthy tissue and as it accumulates will decrease your flexibility.  This is one reason most of us loose flexibility as we age!  To make matters worse inflammation can get trapped in the scar tissue and hurt! Chiropractors remove scar tissue and inflammation improving flexibility, getting rid of pain and helping you stay healthy and young!  

Chiropractors use spinal manipulation (AKA 'the adjustment') to remove scar tissue and inflammation from the joints (between the bones).  The chiropractor uses Eccentric Muscle Release (E.M.R.) to remove scar tissue and inflammation from the muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Please see our E.M.R page for a description of this technique.

As you can imagine this helps remove pain; even chronic pain. Chiropractic (when combined with E.M.R.) is great at treating most musculo-skeletal conditions.  A short list of conditions we treat includes muscle pain, headaches (migraines included!), sciatica, disc hernias, impingement syndrome, tendonitis, tennis (or mouser's) elbow, runner's knee, shin splints and acid reflux!

Because chiropractors removes scar tissue and inflammation from the joints, we are the only health care providers that actually improve your posture as you get older!  Of course, this has added health benefits.

By the way, the science of chiropractic is supported by prestigious medical and chiropractic journals.  Please see our science page for more...