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Mon, Wed, Sat: 8:30-12
Tues, Thurs, Fri:
8:30-12; 3-6:30

Deep Tissue Massage:

Mon: 10-1 
Tues: 3-7 
Wed: 10-1 
Thurs: 3-7 
Fri: 12-5 
Sat: 9-2 

*Cancellation policy: please give our massage therapists 24 hour notice for any cancellation.


Clinic Hours:

Chiropractic Therapy

Tues, Thurs: 8:30-11:30; 3-7
Sat: 9-2
M, W, Fri: By appointment 


Tues, Thurs: 3-8 (Sandy)
Wed: 10-2 (Sandy)
Fri: 5-8 (Sandy) 
Sat: 9-2 (Ashley) 
M, W, Fri: By appointment 

Active Release

Active release is a type of deep tissue massage. Most soft tissue injuries occur during muscle lengthening, called the eccentric phase.  Active release is able to restore normal soft tissue function by focusing on the eccentric phase of muscle contraction.  Active release removes scar tissue from muscles, tendons, and ligaments and also releases inflammation.  Active release is very effective at treating headaches, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, sciatia, tennis elbow, runner's knee and other ailments of the musculo-skelatal system. Actrive release is performed by a chiropractor at the time of your chiropractic treatment.

Unlike a typical massage, active release is very focused on rehabilitating chronic conditions.