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Tues, Thurs:
8:30-12; 3-7:30
Wed: 8:30-12
Fri: 8:30-6 
Sat: 8:30-12

Deep Tissue Massage:

Mon: 10-1 
Tues: 3-7 
Wed: 10-1 
Thurs: 3-7 
Fri: 12-5 
Sat: 9-2 

*Cancellation policy: please give our massage therapists 24 hour notice for any cancellation.

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Clinic Hours:

Chiropractic Therapy

Tues, Thurs: 8:30-11:30; 3-7
Sat: 9-2
M, W, Fri: By appointment 


Tues, Thurs: 3-8 (Sandy)
Wed: 10-2 (Sandy)
Fri: 5-8 (Sandy) 
Sat: 9-2 (Ashley) 
M, W, Fri: By appointment 


Specializing in sports chiropractic and automobile injuries.  We treat the muscle, the joint and the whole body using chiropractic, physiotherapy, active release and deep tissue massage.


What our patient's are saying...

I have a bulging disc in my back that has caused me pain for quite some time.   I was about to have surgery, but I decided that I would seek chiropractic care first.   I happened to meet Dr. Beckman as he was doing screenings at a local business.   I explained my situation to him and he encouraged me to come into his clinic when he was at Beyond Chiropractic.  The first appointment, I knew that I was in good hands.  He evaluated a previous MRI exam that I had done, ordered x-rays and did a thorough pre-examination.  He listened to all of my concerns, addressed my symptoms and adjusted my back perfectly!  I began feeling better quickly.  Furthermore, Dr. Beckman showed me exercises that I could do that have helped my pain tremendously.  Since then, Dr. Beckman has opened his own practice (Village Chiropractic in Lafayette), which I highly recommend.  If you are seeking a doctor who cares about you, will work to accommodate your schedule, who is highly skilled at his job, and who is a great person, then you have found him...
-Justin H.

I had suffered from a non-stop headache for over a month, which resulted from being hit by a drunk driver.   My CT and MRI scans had come back normal.  Migraine meds, muscle relaxers and pain meds didn't help me.   Massages and acupuncture didn't help either.  My doctor suggested that I see a chiropractor.  I first started seeing Dr. Chris Beckman when he worked at Beyond Chiropractic in Walnut Creek based on the reviews he received on Yelp (check them out!).  Since then, he has opened his own practice, Village Chiropractic in Lafayette.  X-rays were done  and it turned out that I had whiplash, among other things!  He let me know that the treatment process can sometimes be slow, but I stuck with it and after a month of treatments, I am happy to say that my non-stop headache went away!   I have been headache free for three months now!   Dr. Beckman is very kind and caring and is really concerned about the well-being of his patients. He even helped me with the paperwork I needed to file to receive restitution from the drunk driver! My husband was so impressed by Dr. Beckman and my results, that he is now seeing Dr. Beckman for lower back pain issues and  getting great results! If you've ever considered seeing a chiropractor, look no further!
-Nicole C.

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